SEGNAVIE RUN <br>  presented by Adventure Outdoor Fest
presented by Adventure Outdoor Fest

Saturday 1st July, during the Adventure Outdoor Fest 2023, the second edition of the SEGNAVIE RUN will be held, an appointment for trail runners and trekking lovers to discover some wonderful places in the territory of San Marcello Piteglio (Pt), in the Tuscany mountains.
The event is linked to "Segnavie": a project capable of creating, in recent years, a complete network of valley trails, connected to the CAI high mountain paths, which binds and connects the villages and towns of the Pistoia mountains through many new and interesting itineraries, along streams and in luxuriant woods, touching areas of relevance such as villas, isolated parish churches and medieval infrastructures.

The routes of this second edition will be the short trail of 14 km and 700 D+, both competitive and recreational, and the brand new trail of 25 km and 1200 D+.

The start of the races is scheduled from the suspended bridge of Mammiano Basso, site of the Festival village, where the 2 distances 14K and 30K are divided almost immediately.

The 14K Short Trail continues along the Lima stream, overlooking the Popiglio Towers and the ancient Castruccio Castracani Bridge, dating back to the 13th century.

From here it plunges into green and luxuriant woods, mainly chestnut groves, skirting the very small hamlet of Lolle, that of Piteglio and the luxuriant Dynamo Oasis with the "Case Luigi" visitor center, before crossing the splendid Borgo Migliorini.
After a final stretch of about 3 km through thick trees, you cross the center of San Marcello Pistoiese to return towards the suspended bridge.

The 25K Trail, identical in the last stretch to the 14K, instead explores, in the first 10 Km, an area full of interest, towards La Lima, the Firenzuola Bridge, Lizzano, Castel di Mura to return along the fascinating route of the Ancient Ironworks.